Lost River Valley Campground. North Woodstock NH. Stay by the river. Definitely 1 of my Favs! (2023)


Sites 10T through 16T. This reminded me of being in the mountains in Colorado. A babbling brook behind us, trees changing colors. Quite level sites, water & electric too. Just 5 minutes into town where you'll get great wifi. But no signal at this campground. Super staff too. I didn't go into the main area of the park at all. Sites by the road were ALL I needed. Just fabulous!

John, I think that's his name, gave us great directions to see the colors at the most impressive sites. I'll repeat it. Go north on 93 to exit 40. Follow the signs to Bethlehem. Look for the Bear Notch Rd exit and take that loop back to the campground and town. Try to avoid going into Conway. Weekends would be suicide!

Conway is an absolute nightmare. One street through the town. It took us over 30 minutes just to get through this small town. + Construction on the south while exiting town? Just horrible. It is mostly a tourist trap anyway. We SO regretted missing the Bear Notch Rd exit, an hour lost in time there.

The city of North Woodstock has many options for eating. There is a full grocery store there, Price Chopper and an $$ Organic Food store. Just about any service you need and some gift shops too.

Lost River Valley Campground
951 Lost River Rd, North Woodstock, NH 03262
GPS: 44.019545, -71.742696
$147 for 2 nights.

Verizon/Visible: 0 bars (though Linda got 1 bar at a point) Drive into North Woodstock for coverage. 4 bars downtown.

When the colors change.. Do it Garland Style folks!


Heading up to the campground today from where we were wherever that was I, forget them quick, we're going through part of the white National Forest and uh White Mountain, National Forest.

Excuse me and uh they've got a lot of snowmobile paths noticed around here and that explains it right there.

So it's really been a pretty Drive.

The uh average speed is 40 miles an hour.

I think we hit one little section that was 50 miles an hour, and that was for only like five miles or so and then the rest of it's 40 miles an hour and 30 through towns.

A lot of little towns very, pretty Drive the roads were really pretty good.

There was only one little section that was uh around Kanan north of Canaan.

That was a little tough, but a very nice drive coming up here.

Okay, we made it to Lost, River, Valley, Campground, I, think that's it I think I got it right, so a little busy on the highway.

They said, but it sure is pretty it'll die down at night.

It always does so.

We got a spot 14t.

We could have gone back further.

If needed, uh it's first time, I ever unhitched and I was perfectly level up and down huh front to back.

But the nice point is look at this nice little lost river.

This is awesome.

The weather is perfect right now, I mean just awesome, but we heard tomorrow is going to be uh, possibly rainy, so we're gonna take a drive up, White, Mountain Bethlehem and up that direction.

In a little while here very easy drive a little over just a little over an hour coming up um from our last spot, moscoma Lake Campground.

So we shall see what the drive is like I'll take a few snaps or videos for you if uh needed, but is this gorgeous or what they have electricity and water? And ah boy I can stay like this forever I may not leave.

We came out of the campground out on the highway and started East and then turned North on 93.

him, ours, motorcycles.

We drove North to um exit 40, and then you take a right and go towards uh.

Oh a guy, drawing a blank on the name.

I'll put it down for you.

This is Crawford Notch, State, Park, uh, Willie house historical site, and then you just keep coming on South.

It is a beautiful drive and they call this a notch, because it's such a narrow, Valley really is nice here.

So you can get out there and go down and have a picnic.

This is about maybe an hour or so drive here from the highway up there and the snack bar.

If you're hungry, you could have something but I'm not sure what all they got, but Mount Willey up there- and there are hikes around here- that you can take different ones.

So, there's a 10 minute walk behind the pond here and then you can Branch off into some other Trails over.

Here too, this would be a good area for a stop for the day.

Take a short hike, maybe have a picnic lunch.

It is really nice here.

I think it'd be well worth the time.

Well, I am very impressed.

There's a playground here and Tennis Courts and even up pool or a pond reserved for guests.

You can come out here and rent a little boat, five bucks an hour half hour.

Let those kids paddle away.

You do have to cross the road to get over here, but uh yeah wow.

Why not buy the road huh charge your toll? Well, we got us a new neighbor.


There was a Class A pulled in over on the other side over there, so class A's can even get in here just need to navigate a little Hill coming down into the campground um.

So I'm gonna wrap this up because today is shot here with the rain, and we saw about everything we wanted to see and um I think it might be raining tomorrow and of course, we have to leave tomorrow morning.

So uh I'll call it good here.

The forecast according to locals one guy, said one to two inches.

Another guy said three to four inches a rain tonight.

So we'll see what it is and one guy said 20 mile an hour when so I'm gonna bring the awning in most all the way, I usually leave it out a foot or so, but up at the camp store, the campground store.

I went in there just a little while ago.

I didn't go in when we checked him, but they've got uh souvenirs in there sweatshirts T-shirts.

They have all kinds of camping, stuff, chairs, tents, uh maps that you can put on the ground sheets for the beds.

All I mean all kinds of stuff and they have beer and wine in there not cheap.

But if you need it, they got it little propane bottles.

You know the one one pound uh, no, the one yeah one pound.

If you wanted to go on your little camper stove for outside when you're cooking but uh, very, very nice people, and if you want to know where to go and how to get around here, ask them.

We took a trip yesterday up towards White, Mountain and uh.

The guy said, avoid Conway and do avoid Conway.

It is an absolute Zoo.

It's a nightmare.

It took us a half hour to go through Conway and I'm.

Gonna bet that it's all that, if, if you go on a weekend, forget it, you are going to be very, very, very frustrated uh, so don't take that go through town.

He said there was a a bear: bear Notch I think he called it.

I'll put it in if I can Bear Creek notch or something in there to avoid Conway and take a very Scenic tour and it was beautiful the way he told us to go up 93 and get off at exit, 40 and turn towards the east and come back down and it was beautiful.

Oh, my goodness, such a gorgeous trip so do take that route.

If you're going to do it well wish.

Us luck, of course, won't do any good.

We have zero internet here, zero cell service here as well.

You might get a spotty one every now and then, if you had a cell booster, you might get one or two bars, but uh I'm not looking forward tonight.

Uh Heavy Rain is, as everyone knows very loud on a camper, so we shall see what the night brings through heading out towards Berry Vermont, to see some friends and then over to whatever the next state is I'll I'll put a message down in here, for you so we'll see what this River changes into tonight and uh.

Well, in the morning I'm not getting up at night to look at it.

Do you guys have a safe one out there be careful around heavy water flows.

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