SML Movie: Jeffy Gets Fixed! (2023)


Jeffy goes to the vet!


Hey Daddy, you want a Hertz donut.

What's a hurts, donut wow hurts Donuts.

Jesse is very nice.

Obviously you didn't get the joke.

I said you want a Hertz donut and then I threw it at him and say it hurts.

Don't it.

Oh, like the donut hurts yeah, it's not funny anymore.

What's that noise, oh great, what's wrong, Marvin! Look at booger! Oh he's pissing! Oh, he ran away pissing, oh wow, no burgundy's getting neutered.

It's not really necessary! Yeah! It's good! If we neuter him, he won't pee anymore.

What's neutered mean when they Grab Your Balls? Oh, they Grab Your, Balls I want to be neutered, no Jeffy look baby.

Can you please put Burger in his cage or take him to the vet? Oh, but he hates it in there put him in the cage.


Okay, Jeffy stay right here: I want to be neutered, booger Pizza, okay, go get it! Oh booger, I'm! So sorry, Marvin booger's ready, oh booger, you're stuck in the cage.

Well, I've never been neutered before so I'm gonna.

Let you out be free.

Booger, I'm, gonna get my balls touched.

Oh there's Pizza in here all right, booger, it's time to go to the vet, get neutered.

Oh man, oh dinosaurs are heavy, hey welcome to the vet's office.

Please identify yourself because I can't see it's me Marvin! Oh, hey, Marvin! What's up well, why can't you see? Oh I just got Lasik eye surgery this morning, so I can't see anything right now, but in a few hours with my eyes, heal up.

Oh my vision's gonna be perfect.

It's going to be 20 20., hopefully not like the year.

Well I brought my pet dinosaur to get neutered really a pet dinosaur.

Oh that's, awesome.

I've, never gotten a chance to neuter a dinosaur before this is exciting.

I'll get started right now, wait! Wait! Should you wait for your eyes to heal? No, no, no, no I've neuted, so many animals I can do this with my eyes closed, which is exactly what I'm gonna do right now all right! Well, just let me know when you're done uh hey.

Do you want to keep them keep what the balls like do you want to keep them in a jar or something? No I? Don't want to keep the balls okay, well, I'm gonna, keep them I mean the dinosaur balls.

That's awesome, I'm, keeping those all right.

Well, just let me know when you're done, okay, yeah I'll, call you or just bring them by okay.

Then I'll see you later.

What see? Oh I, get it like it like Lasik, like see, see I thought you meant C like like the ocean yeah that didn't make any sense, but I get now.

So it's funny.

Okay, I'll see you later.

Okay, all right come here.

Mr Dinosaur show me those balls all right.

Baby I just dropped booger off at the vet.

Marvin I think it's cruel to neuter animals baby.

He was peeing on the rug.

This is the only way to get him to stop.

Will it booger? Stop it you're, not eating a donut when he was done so, maybe he's already done.

Let me call the vet real, quick, okay, it's ringing! Hey! This is the vet's office.

Can you identify yourself? I can't see my caller ID.

It's me, Marvin, oh hey, Marvin, I, just finished neutering, a dinosaur it went great.

Is that why you dropped them off? What dropped them off? No he's still here! No he's right next to me.

Well, that's impossible! Because he's right next to me, are you sure it's a dinosaur like? Can you see him? Well? No, but I can touch him like I just touched him he's here, we'll buy dinosaurs right next to me, oh well, do you have two dinosaurs? Because if you do all neuter both of them, you know buy one get one! Oh baby, are you sure the dinosaur you put in the cages? Booger? Yes, Marvin like he was green? Yes, Marvin.

Are you sure he was green? What yes doggy get in here, what'd you, you want more bibs.

Did you call me in here, so you could give me some money.

No Dougie I just want to make sure your balls are okay yeah.

So both my dinosaurs are here.

Well, you must have a third one, because I definitely have a dinosaur here.

Wait! So there's a third dinosaur and you neutered it yeah.

It went fine I mean I will say: I didn't keep his balls.

They were a little too human-like kind of freaked me out, so I threw him in the ball pit like we have this ball pit, where we throw all the animal balls when we're done with them.

It's pretty gross, and actually now that you mention it, he did scream a lot in English.

Dinosaurs are weird: okay.

Can you please bring that dinosaur over to my house? So we can see what you're talking about yeah sure I'll drive right over there? Are you sure, you're okay, to drive with your vision? Oh yeah I've been there so many times.

I can drive there with my eyes closed.

Okay, this doesn't make any sense.

Baby, Marvin, where's Jeffy, oh he's, probably in his room Jeffy get in here.

Jeffy foreign must be here: hello am I in the right house.

Yeah right here, oh hey, Marvin, see I told you I could make it and you thought I couldn't drive here.

Where'd you park in your driveway.

Did you hit my car I hit something but hey look I brought you dinosaur dinosaur.

Get in here, I, look like the lamp from Pixar empty dinosaur, Jeffy.

That must get confusing.

That's his son's name.

You neuter my son, no I needed you dinosaur, I'm gonna, take your glasses off and look I, don't know if my eyes have healed yet they did heal everything.

Looks amazing! Oh, oh! No! Oh that's! Your son, yeah I! Guess I did neuter him why'd! You do it well, look.

It makes sense now that I'm thinking about it I mean yeah, I, guess his balls were pretty human-like and he did scream when I caught him and he even said hey, don't do to me.

I'm a human, not a dinosaur, but I thought the dinosaur was trying to trick me.

So I was like you can't trick me dinosaurs, so I snipped him anyway.

I can't believe you did it right.

Well, it's not my fault, it's your fault because you put him in the cage.

No, it's your fault! You put him in the case, booger in a cage, Chevy how'd you get in the cage.

Well, I saw a booger in the cage and then I.

Let him out so I could get in the cage.

Because I wanted to know what neuter was see.

It's his fault, not mine, see everybody hear that I'm not liable.

You can't sue me.


Can we put his balls back on him? I.

Don't think you understand his balls are in the ball pit I mean: do you really want to dive into a 10, 000 square foot.

Pit of animal balls.

I mean there's cat balls dog balls, donkey balls, fish, balls, raccoon balls, there's wall-to-wall balls.

Okay! Well, can we find his balls? Well, even if we could find his balls, we can't put them back on.

You can't use tape.

No, why do you guys keep all those balls when we grind them up to make baloney? That's why it's called baloney? Hey we sell some, you want it! I, don't want any ball.

I, don't baloney! His balls might be in there.

I don't want to get out of here.

Well, it's got chicken balls, pork, balls and beef balls.

No, listen, listen! Jeffy! How are you feeling well I've been better Daddy, I, I, I, I I? Wouldn't I? Wouldn't do that see he's not in too much pain because he's on pain, meds, but don't worry those will wear off.

Okay, so what do we do now? Well, I mean there's nothing more for me to do, but I mean, if he's in too much pain.

You can call me- and you probably will be calling me.

Oh man, Jeffy.

Are you okay, Daddy Why? Don't lick your balls how'd, you know, I was doing that.

Was there a camera in my room, no Jeffy.

How are you feeling worried? Because how long has that camera been in my room? And what else have you seen me lick? There's no camera in your room.

Jeffy I'm gonna go look for the camera in my room.

Wait! A second there's! No camera! Oh man! I can't believe this happened to Jeffy.

Where is he? Where is he? Where is it stupid? Camera? Hey, Jeffy Daddy? This is an invasion of my privacy because you have a camera in my room.

There's no camera Jeffy they're wine to Cone listen earlier.

Today we wanted to take your pet dinosaur to the vet to get his balls chopped off.

Why? Because he wouldn't stop paying on the rug.

Pee comes from your balls.


What do you want to get his balls chopped off? Listen, Jeffy! The main point is you got your balls chopped off today? I did yeah hurts Don't It Marvin, but he did that earlier to me.

So I thought I'd be the perfect kind of make the joke.

No Marvin.

Listen! So that's why it hurts.

When you hit your diaper Oh I thought it hurts just because I beat it all the time the doctor said: don't do that because you're going to irritate it so look Jeffy after school tomorrow, we're gonna make it up to you.

We're gonna, take you to Chuck E cheese and you can eat pizza or play games.

You can't do both because we're on a budget we're bawling on a budget Marvin you can play skee ball or basketball or playing the ball pit.

Stop it.

Okay! Those are all my ball.

Jokes, listen, Jeffy, you're, missing your balls and tomorrow we're gonna, make it up to you after school, so just go to bed and tomorrow we'll have a fun day: okay, okay, Daddy, but real quick.

If I throw up in this thing, will I drown? No Jeffy.

Just lean forward it'll spill out if I go outside it's raining or snowing, while I drown.

No there's holes in the thing Jeffy look: you're, not gonna, drown.

Go to bed orange Daddy foreign class.

Today we're going to be learning about the North Atlantic right whale.

Oh we're learning about my mom today, because she's, a big fat whale right, she's, the biggest animal in the whole planet Cody.

Why were you talking about your mom like that? I was just beating you guys to it because I know you're gonna say it.

I would never say your mom is fat.

Oh shut up I'ma tell your mommy called her fat.

Please don't the North Atlantic right whale is known to have the biggest balls of any animal in the world nuts big.

As I didn't know, I was in North Atlantic right whale because my balls are huge or cause you're fat.

Like your mom Conehead.

Don't call me names, hey satellite dish, head I said: leave me alone.

Megaphone head I will allow you to call me one more name as long as it's hilarious upside down, lampshade head that was lame.


Can you look up a little more like this yeah thanks trash can head? Oh you did it now Jeffy boy, nobody you're going to printables office right now, hey Danny I got you spending from school today for what for beating up this kid, because you was making fun of my cone hat.

What did he say? Well, you see this paper ball in you.

He threw it in here now, I can't get it out.

Hey I was playing with that Jeffy.

You are grounded for getting suspended from school.

Well, what about Chuck E cheese, you're grounded, so you can't go to Chuck E cheese, damn well! I'm hungry, we'll go downstairs and get something to eat.

Okay, okay! Well, you wasted all the Cheerios for are you talking about? This is the best I can come up with no Jeffy.

You go pour those cheers out because you're wasting them.

Okay, hey you hit my eyeball off clean yourself up, oh baby, it's gonna take forever to clean this mess up.

What about jiffy's eye Danny you've been really mean to me.

Ever since I apparently got my balls cut off.

You did get your balls cut off, Jeffy did I, you did right, I, don't know, I haven't been able to lick them because you see anybody.

I didn't really cut jeffy's balls off what yeah I was checking the security camera footage at the vet's office, because I was going to sell it to like a Gore website or something and then I thought it really happened.

But what really happened? Calm down baby birds, I'll feed, you just watch this flashback.

All right dinosaur show me those balls, I'm, gonna cut them off, but I'm a human, no you're, not gonna.

Trick me dinosaur.

Give me those balls here.

They are Oh, no you're paying my balls smell.

Really good.

I'm gonna! Try this! So you didn't cut jeffy's balls off.

Oh no I was cutting pizza.

Oh well! Earlier you said you felt something that felt like human balls yeah.

That was the pizza.

It was really soggy.

It felt like human balls and I ate it.

What yeah I ate it, because okay, listen I I thought to myself when am I going to get another chance to eat, dinosaur balls right, so I had to try it and then it tasted, like pepperoni pizza, so I thought to myself.

This is why the dinosaurs must have gone extinct.

It's because their balls, tasted, like pepperoni pizza and people, kept eating their balls and then they couldn't have any more babies.

But then I lied to you guys because I didn't want you to know that I ate dinosaur, balls and then I thought I ate your son's balls, and that was even worse.

So I couldn't tell you that, but it turned out.

It was pizza.

So it's okay, but you ate it thinking.

It was bald yeah yeah, but it's pizza, so everything's fine, but it was you thought it was bald man.

We don't have to obsess about it.

I ate pizza.

He still has his balls.

Everything's good I still have my balls yep, you sure do so.

I can take the cone off yeah go ahead.

How do I do that? Oh it's like those little like those little knobs.

Like behind your head, there yeah you got it.

Is that one okay, no, that I I, think I think that one's okay, you get yeah, there's three of them.

So yeah you got it just one more just turn: it yeah I'm, free foreign.


What is Jeffy's disability? ›

The character Jeffy is supposed to be a teenager with some sort of unspecified learning disability.

Who is Jeffy's fake dad? ›

Jeffy's dad is revealed to be Jacques Pierre François, who previously appeared in "Bowser Junior's Painting!"

What gender is Jeffy? ›

This masculine name is of German and French origin, coming from the name Jeffrey.

Is Jeffy Puppet appropriate? ›

These stories are often rude, offensive and bizarre in nature. The humour is very similar to what you would see in the popular TV adult cartoon show Family Guy or the movie Ted. The content in the videos feature a lot of toilet humour, use very explicit and offensive language which is often sexual in nature.

What is Jeffy's IQ? ›

Jeffy's IQ of 300 could be a reference to Dr. Eggman from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, since the character has the same IQ.

How many people died in Jeffy's 18th birthday? ›

However, he had lied with only one being permanently killed off which was Nancy, though two other characters were temporarily assumed to have died in the climax of the video, before being revealed as alive in the end, being Screwball and Jeffy.

Who is the real mother of Jeffy? ›

Nancy Jeffy Pierre François was the abusive birth mother of Jeffy. She was an alcoholic, crazy, and abusive prostitute who abandoned her oldest son, Jeffy with Mario because she hated him for unknown reasons (Possibly due to Jeffy's father not giving her any money).

Why does Jeffy cry? ›

Sadness often controls Jeffy's unhappiness and fear. He often fears that they will all die, and freaks out whenever Mario calls Jeffy a bad boy, causing Jeffy to start crying and banging his head on the nearest surface. He went crazy after Bowser Junior popped a balloon, causing Jeffy to scream and freak out as well.

What is Jeffy real name? ›

Jeffy Jeffy Pierre François Sr. is one of the main characters of the SML series who is the adoptive son of Mario and Rosalina.

How strong is Jeffy? ›

He is surprisingly very strong as he is able to beat up Bully Bill; he is also strong while he is an infant, as seen in "Baby Jeffy". As mentioned above, Lance Thirtyacre mostly does a good job voicing him and he gives the character a fitting voice (at least when he's not yelling or whining).

Why does Jeffy puppet wear a diaper? ›

He says that he wears a diaper on the outside so that it does not get dirty. Hi-shoes are black sneakers of Adidas. His physical traits show his inheritance; dark brown hair that is of his father whereas his blue eyes are that of his mother.

Is Jeffy a hero? ›

Type of Hero

Despite being a protagonist, Jeffy is occasionally antagonistic. He is voiced by Lance Thirtyacre. His animal noises were provided by Anthony Miller. Jeffy also appears in Puppet Pals as one of Pink Evil/Pink Awesome's best friends.

What is Jeffy's backstory? ›

He is the oldest son of Nancy and Jacques Pierre François, but since Jacques Pierre François died and Nancy went to jail in Jeffy's Parents!, he is now currently the adoptive son of Mario and his wife, Rosalina.

What happened to Jeffy's real dad? ›

He is later revealed to be the father of Jeffy in "Jeffy's Parents!". It was said that he committed suicide in the same episode for his painting called "The Suicide", and he had left all of his money to Jeffy as inheritance money once he turns 18.

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