The Untold Story of One Direction (2023)


This is the untold story of One Direction. For this video, we’ll be exploring the journey of the boy band that took over the world. Our video includes "The X-Factor," Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and more! What's YOUR favorite One Direction song? Let us know in the comments!

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Something we can do for you.

Welcome to ms mojo, and today we're looking at the untold story of one direction.

Written in these walls are the stories that I can explain for this video we'll be exploring the journey of the boy band that took over the world, which 1d album was your favorite.

Let us know in the comments below it's hard to believe that the boys of one direction ever planned on being anything, but globally recognized singers.

People tell me that usually, and they always say that, don't they before appearing on the x factor, harry styles was considering a career in law, while louis tomlinson dabbled in acting and was interested in that world.

It was playing danny from greece that reportedly prompted him to try out for the competition show, as for the others, music seemed to have been in the cards for them.

For some time, though, zane malik has also expressed an interest in english.

Niall horan has been performing since his teens and liam payne wanted to pursue this path so badly that he returned to the x factor two years after being eliminated.

I feel like today is my chance to prove to simon that I have got what it takes.

It mean more than anything, to get a yes off simon today in 2010, the british series offered the five guys a chance to compete together in the groups portion.

I mean we'd kind of met each other.

(Video) The Untold Story of One Direction

You know backstage a little bit um but yeah I mean when you're from a small village and you go on the show and simon cowell says you guys are going to be in a band together.

Of course they took it because how could anybody say no to an opportunity like that, while they had solo ambitions, this was a chance, not many people get and it allowed them to break into the industry.

We've decided to put you through to the joker.

This is a lifeline.

You've got a real shot here, guys just like that.

History was made, but apparently not all was well once they got together.

A few months after leaving the group malik revealed to fader that he never quite felt creatively fulfilled, but more on the split later, so it wasn't any.

There wasn't any real time to you know, sit down and process anything and be like.

Is this what I want to do since being in a band? Wasn't the original plan? There wasn't a pre-selected name for the group when they formed during the brainstorming process.

Liam's dad chimed in with a suggestion.

What do you call it usp or something parents, man? What no? What did you where you usp, which was unique selling point? Admittedly, that's a pretty cool idea, but it just wasn't right plus.

If you ask us it would have made it pretty hard for the fans to give themselves a nickname.

Luckily, for directioners harry eventually came up with the moniker that we all know and love today.

What does it mean? I know they're not had to defend anything else, but it was me.

I honestly don't know I don't know.

I thought it sounded good.

We honestly couldn't imagine it any other way.

It wasn't long before their music spread like wildfire their time on the x factor drew in hordes of fans with their video diaries, in particular being too good to resist and their debut single changed.

Many people's worlds, but surprisingly they weren't immediately headliners when they started touring in north america.

(Video) The Dark Truth About One Direction

They first opened for another, very familiar boy band, big time rush and we have a lot of fun hanging out with each other.

We get to sleep in a little bit more and playing concerts, as you guys know, is like the best feeling in the world they're just like fyi, unfortunately, for the btr boys, 1d's fame began to surpass theirs at many of the shows, and apparently fans would sometimes cheer louder for the openers when they go on stage it really just hypes up and warms up the crowd.

There's some really nice guys.

We've had a lot of fun hanging out with them.

The band's quick rise to fame was more than just a little unbelievable.

It was quite literally record-breaking.

Of course, there are the numerous awards the band has is received, um an absolute honor.

We know that this is fan voted.

We absolutely love our fans.

You are incredible beyond that.

They also racked up six guinness world records in 2016 alone.

Some of these included most followers on twitter for a music group and most subscribers for a band on youtube, but they started making history long before that their first album up all night debuted atop the billboard chart in the united states that marked the first time a group from the united kingdom had achieved such a feat.

You can color us impressed the one direction.

Members skills aren't limited to just singing, either musically they're, all pretty talented, guitar players, while liam and louie know their way around a piano, and I can play the triangle.

Interestingly, the band also dipped their toes in acting first, they guest starred in icarly as themselves years later, liam and louie appeared on family guy in an episode that aired post hiatus, they looked in the wardrobe and discovered that the stylist had only brought non-skinny jeans.

Do you mean, like a levi's, 513, skinny straight, no just regular pants that fit normal? That's not real right! Those aren't real, of course, not louis.

It's it's just a story.

It certainly seems like harry, got bit by the acting bug at some point, since going solo, he's snagged numerous roles in respected works, including dunkirk, and don't worry, darling, always you're me.

At the peak of the group's popularity, it became obvious that the fans wanted a lot more than just to hear their catchy music.

(Video) Exploring the World's Messiest Boyband: One Direction

Everyone wanted a piece of one direction, so naturally they started putting their faces on everything.

There were 1d dolls, fragrances, posters, phone cases, clothes and just about anything else, you could think of.

I got a life-size cut out of zayn, and then I got a sweater and I got the new take me home shirt in the early 2010s.

It was hard to go anywhere without seeing a piece of their merchandise.

It was certainly a profitable venture and, more importantly, the fans got priceless memorabilia I mean it was totally worth it completely worth it.

I mean I would do it again, there's no denying that the young men of one direction made a lot of money during their time together.

Their lives had definitely changed considerably in that regard, but they also used their wealth and privilege to help countless others.

So, instead of spending a lot of money on a music video, we decided to make it ourselves while we're on tour and give the money we saved comment relief.

Let's do it, while still together the bands supported charities such as rays of sunshine, comic relief and the global poverty project, to name a few.

They donated their money time and endorsements and order the razor sunshine cookbook, which one of our recipes is in, and it's sad nachos grand since the start of the group's indefinite hiatus, the former members have continued to give back, proving that they truly care about their communities.

Fame comes with a hefty price and being global.

Sensations didn't only consist of fun concerts and charity events, the stuff that people were saying about him was just disgusting and no one wants to go and read that stuff about themselves, no matter who they are throughout their time in the limelight together.

All five guys faced some sort of anxiety.

Zayn has also spoken about how he's lived with an eating disorder and liam has dealt with addiction.

I was worried how far my rock bottom was going to be where's rob button for me and you would never have seen it I'm very good at hiding it.

No one would have ever seen it it's safe to say the band's, constant on-the-go lifestyle and the fact that they were always in the public eye was the source of lots of pressure, but there's no doubt that by being open about their experiences, the artists have helped many others feel less alone.

We want to believe that the members of one direction had as much fun being a band as the fans had loving them and they did seem to genuinely care about each other.

So zayn's departure came as a huge shock to directioners.

Didn't you don't like your job and you've got to follow your heart sometimes and go where you need to go, and you know there's no argument.

(Video) The story of One Direction

We could do that.

We were you know like I say we were angry at first, but then it was just a bit more disappointed.

Their pr team tried their hardest to convince the public that everyone in the band was on good terms, but tweets between zayn and louis suggested.

Otherwise, it's just one of those things.

You know it's that's twitter's great for connecting with the fans, but also, if you feel like saying something that you probably shouldn't.

It's also good for that as well or bad.

In this case, comments made in the years since suggest that malik isn't particularly close with any of his former bandmates and in 2022 liam payne's comments about his role in the group being the most significant made headlines, and I don't agree with any of these actions.

I can't commend some of the things that you've done.

I can't be on your side for that.

What I can say is I understand, and I hope that your only hope is that at some point in their life, the person on the other end of the phone wants to receive the help that you're willing to give them still fans are holding out.

Hope that maybe one day the indefinite hiatus can end in a way that makes everyone happy before we continue be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos.

You'll have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them.

If you're on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications, though one direction has been on an indefinite hiatus for years, they were together for what felt like a lifetime.

Naturally, they spent large portions of their time.

Making smash hits, unfortunately, for us, not all of them, made it onto their albums, leading some to believe that there's a top secret vault of tunes out there in 2020 what seemed like a demo was posted to youtube, though it wasn't a new number.

It was the first fans had heard of it.

While their solo work is excellent.

There's no doubt fans enjoyed getting a fresh taste of the 1d sound.

Do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip from ms mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.

(Video) The Untold Truth Of Harry Styles


What did Liam say about One Direction? ›

But the past few years have proved to be quite tumultuous for the former boy band. In May 2022, Liam gave an explosive interview on Logan Paul's podcast — you know, the one where he shaded Zayn, claimed that One Direction was formed around him as the star, and that he and Louis “hated” each other.

What did Louis Tomlinson say about One Direction? ›

And in a new interview with The Times, the 31-year-old singer-songwriter opened up about how he really felt at the time of 1D's disbandment. “I was mortified, I was absolutely gutted,” he told the publication in a Thursday (Feb. 23) piece. “I was a bit bitter, I suppose because it just felt like another loss to me.”

Why did Zayn leave One Direction? ›

“I'm a passive dude, but when it comes to my music and my business, I'm serious about it and I'm competitive, so I wanted to be the first to go and do my own thing. That was the reason.” Malik left One Direction during their 2015 tour, citing stress as the reason.

Who broke One Direction? ›

The singer says he also "completely selfishly wanted to be the first person to go and make my own record." Even when the night changes, Zayn Malik continues to look back at his time with boy band One Direction with fondness.

What did Liam say about Zayn? ›

"There's many reasons why I dislike Zayn," he said on the podcast, "and there's many reasons why I'll always, always be on his side." Liam said his "parents are overly supportive to the point where it's annoying at times" and that "Zayn had a different upbringing in that sense."

What did Liam say about Harry? ›

Talking about his former One Direction members, Liam mentioned Harry in particular. “I did speak to Harry, and it was really lovely,” he recalled. “He called me because he has a sixth sense for if I'm struggling or if one of us is in trouble, I feel like. I spoke to him, and it was a really lovely catchup, actually.

Do Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson get along? ›

Louis and Harry were known for having a close friendship while in the group which was founded on The X Factor, and although they may not be in as regular contact these days, Louis only has good words to say about the 'Harry's House' star.

What did Niall say about One Direction? ›

Niall Horan Says One Direction Are Still Close Because They 'Never Believed the Hype': Exclusive. "We always used to say we're normal people doing an abnormal job, which is a good outlook to have."

Did Harry Styles get along with One Direction? ›

Harry Styles

Although Harry is very much doing his own thing, spending a lot of time in the US, having completed solo albums including Fine Line, he has remained on good terms with most of the band's members and is probably closest to Niall Horan.

Are Zayn and Harry still friends? ›

While speaking to British Vogue, Zayn said that he doesn't talk to Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam. “I ain't spoke to any of them for a long time, to be honest with you,” he revealed. “That's just the way it is. There's things that happen and things that were said after I left…

Who is the most successful member of One Direction? ›

Let's dive in. For a little while, Zayn was the most successful member of One Direction, when looking at their solo careers, but now that honor goes to Harry Styles. After the boy band split, Styles tried something a little risky and began creating art that blends pop sensibilities with throwback sounds.

Are Zayn and Liam still friends? ›

The pair have not spoken publicly about where they stand now. However, Liam has thrown some subtle shade at Zayn over the years. “Zayn makes music but he doesn't really perform. For him, he had such performance anxiety that he just couldn't put his head around it.

Did any of the One Direction go to jail? ›

Over the weekend the news broke that One Direction's Louis Tomlinson had been arrested following an incident at LAX Airport in Los Angeles. Louis was arrested after tackling a photographer to the ground and being involved in another altercation between a fan and his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.

Do One Direction still talk? ›

By Andy Malt | Published on Friday 9 June 2023

The members of One Direction are all still great mates and talk all the time, according to Niall Horan.

Who didn't get along in One Direction? ›

Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne did not get on.

Well, we didn't see this one coming. Apparently, these two were not fans of one another while in the band. "He is my best mate now, but in the band we hated each other – like to come to blows hated each other. It was close," Payne said about Louis Tomlinson.

What did Liam say in podcast? ›

Payne said: "There was one moment where there was an argument backstage and one member, in particular, threw me up a wall. So I said to him, 'If you don't remove those hands, there's high likelihood you'll never use them again."

Was One Direction built around Liam? ›

He's the standout." The trio then add Zayn, when Simon says: "That's the category I want. It's them." So there we have it. Despite Liam's recent claims, it actually turns out that the group was started with Niall, then Harry, then Louis, then Liam and Zayn was the final piece of the puzzle.

What happened to One Direction and Liam Payne? ›

Once the boys went their separate ways, Liam started to retreat into a dark place. Over the years, he's been open about his mental health struggles after the group disbanded. While his first-ever solo single was becoming a success, Liam admitted to The Guardian that he was “struggling” with alcohol. So, he got sober.


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